Give 2 Liv

Give 2 Liv

is a weeklong, online giving event that provides us, as Livingston County residents and supporters, an opportunity to support a wide-ranging group of community and charitable agencies that do very important work in our county.  Utilizing PayPal we have designed a secure online giving platform that is easy to navigate and easy to donate through.

Each of the agencies below provides critical services to those in need in our county.  Please select an agency below for your donation. You also have the option to support the United Way Community Fund which allows our volunteer board the opportunity to direct donations to any or all of these agencies as needed.

Your generous donation will directly benefit those in need in Livingston County.
Thank you for giving local!

*  No administrative fee is charged to any donations from the Give 2 Liv campaign. 
A standard credit card processing fee is the only deduction from your gift.

Give Button   The United Way of Livingston County Community Fund – Supporting the charities listed below.

Give Button  Arc of LivingstonWyoming – UW helps fund a recreation program at the ARC for the developmentally disabled.

Give Button  Clara Barton-Livingston Chapter of the American Red Cross – UW provides funds that assist the Red Cross in Livingston County in providing disaster services, support for military families, preparedness services and youth services.

Give Button  Boy Scouts of America – Iroquois Trail – UW provides support for scouts who need financial assistance to participate in camps and activities.

Give Button  Catholic Charities of Livingston County – UW supports emergency assistance to people living in poverty and the Faith in Action program which provides support for the elderly that are living at home without assistance.

Give Button  Chances and Changes – UW funding supports victims of domestic/family violence in Livingston County.

Give Button  Dansville Ecumenical Community Food Pantry – UW support helps the pantry provide food for those in need.

Give Button  Noyes Health/E.A.R.S. Lifeline Program –The UW subsidizes the expense of EARS Lifeline units for those who cannot afford the medical alert units and monitoring services.

Give Button  Focus on the Children – UW supports efforts by Focus on the Children to serve the needs of children in Livingston County that cannot be met by any other agency.

Give Button  Genesee Valley Health Partnership – UW funds are used to support anti-violence and bullying training and education in many Livingston County schools and communities.

Give Button  Geneseo Parish Outreach Center – UW supports the Outreach Center’s free health care, health education, disease prevention and advocacy services for Livingston County men, women and children who are under-insured and underserved.

Give Button  Hillside Children’s Center – Livingston County Youth Court – UW provides funding to help this agency hold low level, juvenile offenders accountable for their actions by providing an avenue to restitution while teaching them the effects on themselves and their community.

Give Button  Hillside Children’s Center – Livingston County Community Service – UW support helps this program teach youth accountability for their actions, prevent repeat offenses and/or prevent possible out of home placement.  Youth gain skills from the exposure to positive role models, skill building, educational workshops, and meaningful community service opportunities while they are paying back the community as a form of restitution.

Give Button   Livingston County Youth Advocacy Program – UW support helps this program teach youth to take responsibility for their actions through an alternative option to the traditional court system, thus preventing them from having a juvenile record.  Through positive peer interactions and meaningful court sanctions, the program provides an avenue for restitution while teaching them about the effects their actions have on themselves, victims, and the community.

Give Button Livingston County Office for the Aging – UW funding provides funds to assist the home-delivered meals program and legal services aid for the elderly who choose to remain living independently in their homes.

Give Button  Santa Hat Society – UW funding supports the purchase of Christmas gifts for families with children, who have suffered a traumatic loss of a parent or child, family members suffering from an incurable illness or a hardworking family in serious financial distress through no fault of their own.

Give Button  Soaring Stars –  UW supports Livingston County children enrolled at this summer enrichment program at SUNY Geneseo. It is designed to develop self-confidence, self-efficacy, and accomplishment for rural at-risk children through engaging, inquiry-based provocative learning.

Give Button  Sources of Success – UW helps support this after-school program which enrolls struggling students at Caledonia Mumford Middle School who are at risk academically and socially.

Give Button  Teresa House – UW funding helps supports the end of life and round-the-clock care for the dying and their families.